My Equipment

Chargriller Super Pro w/ Side firebox

This is my baby. My Chargriller Super Pro charcoal grill with the side firebox. I’ve had this grill for about 9 years and I have made some delicious and delectable bites on this thing. Funny story….. My wife gave me the fire box addition about 7 years ago as a holiday gift. I was so afraid of messing up that I didn’t even connect the thing until maybe 2 years later. The first thing i smoked was a batch of chicken wings and they were delicious. When I look back on it I laugh because what the hell was i afraid of? I digress.

I have repainted the firebox a few times but the heat causes it to rust. I think it ads character anyway. I have added a few other modifications to it like the two thermometers that you see in the front. I wanted a more accurate temp reading at the grate level where the food is and also the stock thermometer that came with the grill was a little….. i mean, *A LOT* inaccurate. I also took a little dryer vent piping and extended the smokestack down further into the cooking chamber to help retain smoke while cooking. Before that, the smoke would just come from the firebox, to the top of the chamber and just run out the smokestack. I definitely plan on adding to the stable soon.

18-in Weber Kettle

This is my 18-inch Weber kettle grill. Nothing special about this one but, that’s usually the case for classics. This is the quintessential classic grill silhouette known the world over. I got this grill from my sister who wasn’t really using it. She had it for years and it stayed in really good shape. All I did was clean it up a little bit and replace the grates. I use it for small cooks and searing some things things coming off of my smoker.