What is new in 2020

Weber has long been recognized as the King of traditional grills (charcoal and gas) but for 2020 they are making a splash in the pellet grill market with their newest offering, the SmokeFire Wood Fired Pellet Grill series.

The pellet grill has been exponentially gaining popularity over the last few years.  The leader in this category, Traeger, is credited with bringing pellet technology to grilling in 1986.  They were largely unchallenged thanks to their patent on design.  That Patent expired in 2006 and allowed competitors to enter the market.  There are plenty of options on the market today but for some reason, Weber just joined the party last month with their new announcement of two new pellet grills. 

They look to be right on par with Traeger as far as pricing with a small version (EX4) that is currently available for preorder on their website for $999 and a larger one (EX6) that goes for $1199.  From what I’ve seen/read the biggest knock on the Traeger is that they don’t get very hot.  Most of them top out in the 400s which is not always ideal for high heat grilling.  This offering from Weber is advertised to get up to 600 degrees.   With that being said, there is no question who Weber is going after in this segment….as they should. I know the Weber brand loyalist will love it but how much of the market can they steal from the kings of this category, Traeger? I am eager to start seeing the reviews online to see what this thing is capable of. These are hitting stores in January 2020.


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